::HUNNYY:: How to Find Your Foundation Shade Effectively

Hi hunnyys! I was walking through Sephora yesterday and I overheard a lady ask a worker how she could find her correct foundation shade – I get it;it’s so hard especially when each brand has their own shades and different names for all the shades and sometimes the foundation changes color after wearing it for a few hours! So I decided to make a post with my most effective ways to find a foundation shade that matches YOU 🙂

Now, I know Sephora and other stores have little devices you can ask to use that will match you. I’ve never used them myself so I cannot vouch for them. Here is what I would do-

Swatch everything before you buy it. Not on your hand and not all over your face. There is one area that will tell you everything you need to know. Your cheek to neck area.

This is how you do it-

  1. Find the first foundation you want to try
  2. Apply a strip starting from the bottom of your cheek to the middle of your neck
  3. Repeat for as many foundations you want to try
  4. Which color matches you? The one that disappears with the rest of your face. So the one that looks like it’s the exact same color as your face. Don’t choose something too light or too dark. Foundation is meant to even out your skin tone, not give you a whole new one.
  5. If you want to be absolutely sure, look in different mirrors, look in different lighting. Walk outside and see how they look in the natural sunlight.

This is how I find foundations for me!

What methods do you guys use? Lemme know in the comments below!



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