::REVIEW:: Dreamworks – Shrek Clay Mask Pack!


Hi bunnies! THIS MASK IS CRAZYY. This is the Olive Young I’m The Real Shrek Clay Mask Pack! I have so many picture of this mask, let’s get started-



  • 110 grams
  • $13 on Amazon
  • Meant for pore cleaning and sebum control
  • Olive Young collab with Dreamworks
  • Apply to wet face, avoid eye areas, wash off after 3-5 minutes


  1. Is opening the packaging easy? Yes
  2. Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? SUPER pepperminty. The smell actually smacks you in the face as soon as you open the jar and apply it to your face. It’s incredible how strong the scent is
  3. Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? N/A
  4. What does the mask feel like? There are little minty chunks in the mask so don’t scrub or rub your face harshly! You could really end up in pain lol
  5. Does it fit my face well? Yes, and the chunks don’t fall off your face which is good.
  6. Does it stay on well? hardens as soon as like 3 minutes, very quickk
  7. Does it sting at all? Nope!
  8. Overall comfort? Besides the scent and the chunks, it’s a normal clay mask
  9. Does my skin feel any different? Feels a bit smoother! My pores look the same..lol
  10. How long did I keep the mask on? 7 minutes! The mask is not as thick as you would expect and it dries to a dark gray color.
  11. How did my skin feel right after? This mask is very difficult to wash off. I recommend using a wipe to get most of the mask off because using water and your hands will take forever. And the mint chunks do not seem to dissolve in the water..they have a black color too. Once the mask is off my skin feels good though.
  12. How did my skin feel the day after? Nothing different
  13. Would I repurchase? Maybeeeee?
  14. Do I recommend it? It’s fun and great for mint lovers. Drew didn’t like the mask much haha I thought it was okay but a bit priceyy
::REVIEW:: Dreamworks - Shrek Clay Mask Pack! hunnyy.com

Don’t I look just like Shrek?? LOL

I also had a hydrogel Shrek mask also from Dreamworks and Olive Young a few years ago! This mask actually is one of my most viewed reviews on my blog! EVER. Like it’s insane how many views this review gets every year~

What do you guys think? Are you into minty masks? Lemme know in the comments below! Also I opened up an etsy shop! We sell Korean-style stickers, stationary and t-shirts! Please drop a visit<3




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