::Design By Hunnyy:: BTS & Hello Kitty Nails!

::Design By Hunnyy:: BTS & Hello Kitty Nails! hunnyy.comHi bunnies!  How are  you all holding up staying at home? I’m spending a lot of my time working on a lot of nail designs!  Here’s my most recent!

I call this  design ‘Hello Army’! hehe ^^

So this was more just to test out the new alphabet nail parts I got in the mail. I bought them for my birthday about a month ago and I got the alphabet parts in blue, gold, and silver! They’re not stickers, so I’m just calling them “parts” which is more of a korean nail term.

wp-1584854207314.jpgAnywhoo I added  a little hello kitty part on the pinky  nail to complete  the look!

In conclusion –


Hello Kitty

= happiness <3

what have you guys been doing to past the time?

Lemme know in the comments below!



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