::REVIEW:: The Face Shop – The Signature Skin Conditioning Serum!

::REVIEW:: The Face Shop - The Signature Skin Conditioning Serum!Hi bunnies! I hope you guys are enjoying your April showers! May flowers will come soon!

Today’s review is The Face Shop – The Signature Skin Conditioning Serum. Let’s get started!



  • Full sized product is 80ml
  • I could not find a price for the full sized product
  • a concentration of 21 wild herbs selected from over 300 species compiled by THEFACESHOP’s technology lab and the Bioengineering and Natural Substance Research Institute.”


First of all I hate the packaging. So plain. The Face Shop has a habit of having similar lines all look the same. The Signature line and The Therapy line look very similar – both dull. Nothing pops out at you.

Anywayy~ as soon as you open the sample, it’s SUPER perfume smelling.. way too strong for a freaking serum.

The serum itself is very watery and has a translucent color~

It spreads on the face extremely well and absorbs nicely. Applying creams on top of this was a breeze!

All in all I liked it despite the packaging and as long as you can ignore the perfume smell, you’ll be fine!

What serums do you guys use?

Lemme know in the comments below!


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  1. I’ve been using their ‘Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil’ and love it! Would definitely recommend x

    1. oh is that in like a pink packaging? I think ive tried it!! thanks for reading love!

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