::REVIEW:: Banila Co – White Wedding Dream Cream!

::REVIEW:: Banila Co. - White Wedding Dream Cream!

Hi bunnies! This cream was meant for brides~ This is the Banila Co. White Wedding Dream Cream!

I am getting married next year so it made me feel all special LOL. And with the start of wedding season this review fits right in!!

Let’s get into the review!


  • Full sized jar is 50ml and about $30 (on amazon)
  • Part of the White Wedding Collection(essences, masks and CC cream)
  • Meant for whitening, care and correction


This cream has a slight fragrance-not too bothersome~

When I apply it, it feels like a regular lotion~ But it looks really white like a SPF so really rub this in before walking outside!

It’s a regular moisturizer to me but it does the trick!

It does have Retinyl Palmitate as an ingredient which is a concern… There is issue that this can cause health risks like reproductive complications. (Researched via EWG). Other than that and fragrance, all the other ingredients in this cream are good!

I personally do not like whitening creams because it’s so annoying to keep spreading until the white streaks go away~ So this product is not for me. If you need that whitening or you are getting married, this product might be good for you!

Until next time!



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