::REVIEW:: Chanel – Hydra Beauty Micro Serum!

::REVIEW:: Chanel - Hydra Beauty Micro Serum!

OH MY GOD THIS SERUM IS $150!!!! Oh, hi bunnies! lol. This was a sample I got in my Elle magazine? Or maybe it was Vogue.. I can’t remember. In any case, let’s hurry up and get into this ridiculously expensive review!

This is the Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum.


  • Two sizes – 1 & 1.7 fl oz ($110 & $150)
  • Patented micro-droplet technology protects the purity of ultra-moisturizing Camellia Alba OFA*** until the very moment of application”
  • Intense Replenishing Hydration”


This serum has a clear color and is lightweight. It does have a strong perfume smell.. most prestige brands all smell like magazine perfume.. blah.

::REVIEW:: Chanel - Hydra Beauty Micro Serum! hunnyy

It’s just enough serum for one layer on the face. It feels so refined!  It might be a placebo effect just because I know it’s Chanel but it feels elegant? It applies very lightly and watery.

Afterwards my skin feels really soft! Even hours after I applied it. I do have cream on top as well and had no problems applying it on top of the Chanel serum.

At the very least I am very intrigued and would like to try the full sized product. This soft skin must be a regular in my life!!::REVIEW:: Chanel - Hydra Beauty Micro Serum!

Definitely the most expensive serum I’ve ever tried in my lifeeee! Maybe this christmas I will shell out the money for myself.. Lol I will keep you guys updated!!

Would you buy an expensive serum like this? Lemme know in the comments below!



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