Hi bunnies! So it’s been about a month since BigHit announced all their concert dates in North America have been cancelled and I sincerely doubt their European and Asia legs will proceed as scheduled.

I am sad that I probably won’t see BTS next month.. but its so dangerous right now.. it’s the best solution to postpone because we can keep the tickets we have, BTS keeps their venues, everything will just be on a different day.

I know with the virus situation a lot of people are struggling financially and some fans would prefer refunds for the time being but unless you directly reach out to where you bought your tickets, i doubt refunds will be handed out. That is the point of postponing.

Imagine if they CANCELLED the tour, ticketmaster would have to refund the hundreds of thousands of tickets, the venues would have to refund BTS, all of their promotional merchandise would be wasted.. just a nightmare. I’m taking tens of millions of dollars moving around and to keep track of. Bighit’s accountants would be crying lol.

There are rumors that the tour will be cancelled but I really doubt it. I don’t think cancelling will do ANYONE any good. Probably just stupid anti-fans looking to start drama.

Now the question is – when will the new dates be?? Next year? Spring? Fall?

If you watch the news, public events and gatherings are discouraged until next fall.. so a quick turnaround is doubtful. I’ve read that L.A and NYC in particular won’t have events until then and those are the big hitters in BTS’ tour..

What do you guys think??

Lemme know in the comments below!

In the meantime, don’t fight with drama starters, stay home, stay safe and rewatch past concerts lol

OH. And I never got my freaking army membership kit in the mail??? Even though I did it in January?? WTFFFFFFFFFFF.

Until next time!



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