::REVIEW:: Hanyul Pure Sun Cream!

::REVIEW:: Hanyul Pure Sun Cream!

Hi bunnies!! This sun cream really was a pain in my behind!! Let’s get into the review!

This is the Hanyul Pure Sun Cream!


  • Full sized bottle is about $20
  • SPF 35 PA ++
  • Full sized bottle is 50ml
  • Can be used on sensitive skin


Okay thankfully this suncream doesn’t have a strong SPF smell!

::REVIEW:: Hanyul Pure Sun Cream!

It’s a thick cream consistency and it also is VERY hard to get rid of the white streaks.

Initially I just swatched it on my hand and spread nicely! Then… I put it on my face..

And I instantly became Casper the friendly ghost.. I rubbed for minutes and the white streaks were everywhere! It took forever to rub it all away.
What made it worse was I had just washed my face and applied toner and serum so I think putting this on an empty face would be better.


Seriously the white streaks made this product so bad in my opinion. It’s already difficult enough to put on sun cream before you walk out of the house in the morning. But you have to stay in front of your mirror for five minutes to make sure you don’t have streaks on your face is just ridiculously inconvenient.

I would never pay $20 for an inconvenience.. Nuff said.

What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below!



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