Hunnyy’s Holy Grail

Hi bunnies! I have never listed my holy grail beauty products – the products I would buy  endlessly and are the best products I’ve ever trieddd. Here they  are!!

  1. Chanel Les Beiges Foundation

Healthy Glow Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 25 – Honest to God this is the BEST foundation product I’ve used in my life! It was the most expensive as well LOL. This is a whopping $60 and I only purchased it with a giftcard  I got from my fiance’s Grandma. Thank you Grandma! Full review  of this coming soon!

2. Evian Facial Mist – I have mentioned this several times but I’ve used probably 10 of these mists and I keep on buying! This is also a bit pricey but get it at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a coupon to save money!!

3. Missha Sepia Eyeliner

This was my first liquid eyeliner and it was a gift from a good friend. Fantastic long lasting eyeliner. It wasn’t very buildable but it took YEARS for it to dry out and the brown color was so smooth and gorgeous <3

4. Urban Decay – Cannonball Mascara 

I’ve reviewed this mascara way back in the early days of my blog but this is still being sold online and is still a fantastic product. Not clumpy, waterproof and thick!! Made my lashes look so flyyy!

5. Etude House – Water Tints

Even though I lost this tint, I bought another one. And another one. The best  feeling on my lips – nothing! Once you apply it the color is pigmented but  you don’t get a yucky film or feeling on your lips! PERFECT.

So that was my top 5 Holy Grail products in my 8+ years of wearing makeup and having a concrete skincare routine 🙂

What are your holy grail products? Lemme know in the comments below!



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