I FOUND MOLD IN MY FACE MASK! Annie’s Way – Jelly Mask

I had a disaster!!

I made a huge mistake. My Annie’s Way mask – I didn’t close the lid all the way. And then didn’t notice for like a month.

So the saddest part is I only used it like  twice before this happened! Gosh.. Waste of money.. I’m so stupiddd.. 

Doesn’t it look so gross?! I’m disgusted this was in my bathroom vanity.. So needless to say I threw this out after taking footage of it.. 

Will I buy  another one? If I catch it on sale on Yesstyle, sure! 

For those interested here is my first impression post on this mask before  the tragedy happened – https://hunnyy.com/first-impressions-annies-way-acid-brightening-jelly-mask/

Cries~ Has this happened to you guys?

Lemme know in the comments below!



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  1. I thought I was the only one who experienced this! I tried looking for blogs or posts about the Annie’s Way Jelly Mask having molds but never found one! I never knew why it had molds in the first place. The lid was properly closed. I was very careful in using the spatula it came with. Never dipped my hand there. I stored it in a cool dry place. And it was authentic!

    1. omg i wonder why yours had mold then!! how strange!!! wow.. maybe they have an ingredient that is prone to mold…

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