Kevyn Aucoin – The Etherealist Concealers!

Hi bunnies!

This is the first Kevyn Aucoin product I’ve ever tried! And it was free! I think this came inside a magazine??

I have some opinions on this brand but I shall hold them until after my review! Leggo!!

We will start with the lightest shade – “Light EC 02”. I thought the color was my exact shade so I had high hopes.. but then I realized.. this concealer sample is TOO small! Seriously it’s not enough to even gauge how well it conceals my skin because it’s not enough to cover a blemish!

Onto the medium shade – Medium OC – 5. Obviously it is too dark for me.

I will say it is a thick texture that doesn’t spread well.

I’m ragging on this concealer so hard.. Uhm.. positive things? It doesn’t have a strong smell! LOL

Here is a close up shot of the medium shade~

Do you see how little product they give you?! GAH. I cannot deal with thissss. It’s almost not even worth me writing about it. So cheap;;

I didn’t even try the darkest shade on my skin because it wouldn’t match me~

Honestly I cannot speak to how good this concealer is. There was just too many things wrong and not enough product for me to judge it.

If you wanted me to pay $30 for this concealer, you shouldn’t have pissed me off with a shitty concealer sampler that doesn’t spread well!!

Does anyone love this brand?? I’ve heard Mario mention it ONCE. No other makeup artist or friend or blogger I know uses this brand. BYEEEEE.

Lemme know in the comments below!


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