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Boy am I trying! Over the last year I have been transitioning my skincare/beauty life to be more green. I have done the following things:

  1. Bought Makeup Erasers and stopped buying makeup remover wipes. No more disposables!
  2. Bought Compostable, organic cotton swabs
  3. I no longer purchase products with microbeads that are bad for the environment(water)
  4. I will try to purchase only enviornment friendly glitter pigments

A new thing I just discovered this week was reusable cotton swabs!! Made of silicon, I saw a picture of it on Pinterest and immediately found some on Amazon! Once I narrow down a good one I will purchase it and transition out of compostable cotton swabs!


So I know my beauty routine for personal care and blogging isn’t 100% zero waste, but one day I hope to get close to it!

The one problem I can’t seem to solve is nail polish remover… The cotton balls are waste. Even if you get compostable ones you still have to throw it away, you can’t compost nail polish that’s now on the balls.. And I know there’s the sponge soaked in acetone that you can use but those really suck at taking off your nail polish and all the waste just soaks in the jar and I think it’s unsanitary..

What steps do you guys take to be more eco-friendly? Any tips/tricks?

Lemme know in the comments below!!

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