::REVIEW:: Tomaru Gift Set (The Face Shop)

Hi bunnies! Today I will be showing you the Tomaru Gift Set! This was a free gift with purchase from The Face Shop. Apparently Tomaru is a brand under LG that “merges modern technology with traditional Korean guru recipe to produce a wide range of skincare that is gentle yet potent.”

I got this ages ago but just am getting around to uploading it!!

It took me forever to use it, reason why is because it was actual nonsense. Here’s what was in the box:

  • A KonJac puff,
  • Pure White Blossom Cream,
  • Cleanser,
  • Tea,
  • Post-its.

I’m not kidding. This box included drinking tea (not from Tomaru, but an actual food company) and post-its… such an odd combination right??! I don’t know what the were trying to achieve here lol

Pics are all below!!

::REVIEW:: Tomaru Gift Set (The Face Shop)
::REVIEW:: Tomaru Gift Set (The Face Shop) hunnyy hunnyybeauty

This Konjac puff is to be used wet with soap or bodywash. It felt the same as a regular body scrubber, but definitely looked cuter. I used it for about a month or two before discarding it. I don’t usually use these because I hate the short shelf life.


The cleansers were just okay. pretty plain. I really couldn’t tell if it made a difference on my skin. Same goes for the Pure White Blossom cream. It’s supposed to brighten skin tone with it’s glutinous rice and lotus leaf but meh.

Empty box~
::REVIEW:: Tomaru Gift Set (The Face Shop) hunnyy hunnyybeauty
::REVIEW:: Tomaru Gift Set (The Face Shop) hunnyy hunnyybeauty
The actual brand of Tea~
::REVIEW:: Tomaru Gift Set (The Face Shop) hunnyy hunnyybeauty
This is a cardboard coaster??
::REVIEW:: Tomaru Gift Set (The Face Shop) hunnyy hunnyybeauty
Post-Its. Haven’t used these yet.

Did you make it to the bottom of post?? YAY!!

Okay so all in all, this was an interesting but plain gift set. I wouldn’t repurchase for myself and I certainly wouldn’t get this as a gift for a loved one.

Tomaru.. Y’all need to step up your game with your products.

-Sincerely, a concerned citizen.


Cute packaging though. Nice and simple.

Until next time guys!



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