::REVIEW:: Apieu Marker Pen Tint!

::REVIEW:: Apieu Marker Pen Tint!
Marker is on the right! This was my Apieu haul lol

Good morning bunnies! Lip Markers!! I believe lip markers are the best lip product for an on-the-go person!!

I will explain why below! First, let’s get into the review!

This is the A’Pieu Marker Lip Tint in #OR01 All Day Orange!


  • $6  at online retailers
  • 3-way spoon marker tip
  • Use on dry lips! (it won’t apply properly otherwise)
  • Store vertically for best results
  • 11 colors available



I have to list the things I love so much since there’s so many-

  • Lightweight
  • Applies quickly, no touch ups needed
  • You don’t even need to look in the mirror
  • Never excess application, no fuss no muss!
  • No blotting needed
  • Perfect orange tint every time
  • Multiple ways to apply because of the 3-way tip
  • No fragrance detected
  • Very little transfer


The only drawback to this is that you might need to apply layers if you want a strong color payoff.

Lip markers are totally the way to go.  I do use lipsticks and I love water tints but lipsticks leave a thick layer on my lips that transfers. Water tints you need a mirror to apply and are so liquid-y that it takes some time to perfect.

Lip markers are fantastic for beginners in makeup or those who like an easy fast product!

This lippie is reliable, cheap and effective. Definitely 5/5 stars, recommend all day longg <3

What lip products do you enjoy? Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time!



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::REVIEW:: Apieu Marker Pen Tint!

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