BIGGEST Beauty wasters

Hi bunnies!

Today I will be sharing a list of the biggest money wasters in your beauty routine! I try to be very frugal with my money and these are some things I see others doing that I try not to splurge on:

  • Getting manicures pedicures on a regular basis
  • Spa treatments at overpriced, outdated places like Robert Andrew’s
  • Disposable Makeup wipes (cleansing water or micellar water works fine instead of makeup wipes)
  • Drybar treatments on regular basis (literally WHO has the time anyway?!)
  • Holiday gift sets like the Nyx Lip box where it has 30 lipsticks. For the average person there’s no way you will use all 30 before they rot.
  • Eyeshadow palettes that only have a few colors you actually use
  • Having multiple straight irons & curlers. Mostly straight irons because they’re all pretty similar.
  • Getting really expensive makeup brushes. Ecotools or brushes under $20 a piece aren’t all bad and you get the same results
  • Only purchasing prestige makeup. There are so many good dupes out there for a fraction of the price (especially in Kbeauty)
  • Dying your hair at the salon instead of at home. I save $100+ when I do it myself

So that is my list!! Definitely #1 biggest money waster is getting your nails done professionally. Having beautiful nails is 100% doable on your own with a bit of practice! And y’all know I think American nail salons are soooo outdated and have limited capabilities. And nail stickers are fantastic and inexpensive too!!

This list emphasizes the word “regular basis”- as in they can be a waste of money if you do it a lot. I’m not saying getting your hair done at Drybar is a crime but it definitely throws your money out the window if you do it a lot. Once in awhile to treat yourself is totally fine in my book!


Money wasters (non-beauty edition)

  • Expensive shoes. They’re shoes… They’re going to get dirty and eventually thrown away.
  • Bath & Body Candles. Almost anything from there. Mediocre products with a huge huge markup.
  • Clothes in general. I’m such a prude when it comes to good beauty products but I absolutely don’t do the same with clothing. I usually buy used clothing or the cheapest stuff at Sears or Kohls. I really really don’t care for expensive clothing. As long as it’s cute and the right price then I will buy it~
  • Buying Ramen at any restaurant. You are paying 3 times the price for something you can make at home.
  • Paying a CPA to do your taxes if all you have is a job (basic W2). You will pay TOO much for something you can do yourself using tax software.
  • Buying household items off the shelf without doing your research. I’m not saying Amazon or online retailers are always cheaper but most of the time the cheapest option is not found at your nearby grocery store or Target.
  • Not taking advantage of reward programs, reward points or membership rewards!!!

*This was all my opinion, you may disagree. That is fine :)*

Also this list is for people like me who aren’t out there making millions and would like to live a little modestly~ If you are a big baller, my list won’t make much sense to you which is also fine, no judgement!

Do you guys have any money-wasters not on this list? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time loves!



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