200 EMPTY CHALLENGE! May Edition!

Hi bunnies! Okay here we are month 5!! Thus far I have emptied a total of 59 beauty products –

15 in January, 17 in February, 16 in March, and 11 in April!

Okay I’m about 9 products behind the monthly average of 17 products I should hit in order to reach 200. GAH. This is tough but I’mma keep going! Let’s see what the total was for May:

  1. Tony Moly – Banana Hand Milk
  2. Nivea – Body Lotion
  3. Innisfree – Intensive Hydrating Serum
  4. The Saem – Baobab Collagen Cream
  5. IOPE – Super Vital Cream Bio Intensive
  6. Goop – Goop Glow 15% Glycolic acid Overnight Glow Peel

7. Innisfree – Water Lily Body Lotion

8. Etude House – Mascara Remover

9. Amore Pacific – Treatment Cleansing Foam (I have several of these so you’ll see this in June’s empties as well)

10. The Saem – Gold Snail Mask Sheet

11. Yesto – Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipe

12. Milky Piggy – Kangsipack

13. Amore Pacific – Treatment Cleansing Foam (see look, another one lol)

Okay so running total is now 70! Almost kind of not really halfway there. Alrighty I’m going to try and pick up the pace! Any tips? lol

Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time loves!



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  1. good job i could never empty that many!!

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