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I have a mega review today – this is the Blithe Try Me Review by StyleKorean! I was provided these four products to try by Blithe Cosmetics <3! Here are the products:

  1. Patting Splash Mask – Soothing and Healing Green Tea
  2. Vital Treatment – 8 Nourishing Beans
  3. Pressed Serum – Tundra Chaga for ultimate nutrition and firming

4. In Between Makeup Prep Essence

Look at how cute the box is! It was one of those really firm thick boxes and it was PINK. Gah I loved it~

So for some background on Blithe Cosmetics – They created these products as a part of their ‘Anti-Polluaging’ concept as a solution for urban lifestyle through smart care. These products are meant to protect our skin from the harmful environment we face today such as fine dust, heavy metals and pollutants that age our skin.

There are three steps to this:

  1. Purification (the Patting Splash Mask)
  2. Recovery Vital Treatment (8 Nourishing Beans)
  3. Recharge (Pressed Serum)

With that said let’s get into the reviewww!!

First step – the green bottle which is the Patting Splash Mask!

This is 150 ml and this is the soothing and healing green tea version. They also have this in Energy Citrus & Honey and Rejuvenating Purple Berry.

So let’s cut to the chase – IS IT GOOD? Yepp I liked it! The biggest reason I liked this splash mask is because it’s an in-shower treatment! Saves me time!

Directions are to get a cap full of the liquid and splash/pat onto your face, rinse with water and you’re done! You can use this outside of the shower too but just remember to rinse with water after, this is not a leave-on product.

As you can see it is a green liquid so definitely use the cap, don’t cup it in your hand like I did cause I spilled it everywhere cause yo’ girl clumsy LOL.

One thing I will note is the scent is very INTENSE tea tree oil. It doesn’t smell like green tea at all lol. But thankfully it doesn’t linger since you rinse with water~

I’d give this a 4/5 star rating~~

2nd product!! This is the Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans. Whatttt does that mean? I was confused; is this a serum or a toner?

My guess is that it’s more like an essence. It’s supposed to be used after cleansing and before cream and it has the consistency of an essence.

This bottle is also 150 ml and the 8 beans are eight different peptide and vitamin-rich beans (lentil, black, red, etc etc).

It’s a brown essence with little yellow dots that dissolve when you pat/rub. The yellow dots are ‘pulps’ that “efficiently deliver nourishment to help slow signs of aging while invigorating skin“.

This has no particular scent and I feel like it absorbs into my skin really well~

This partnered with the third product is like perfect for me so let’s go numba threee!

This is the Pressed Serum Tundra Chaga meant for ultimate nutrition and firming!

This jar is 50 ml and comes with a cute spatulaaa!

The Chaga is a mushroom extract! I’ve never heard of this mushroom but it explains the brownish color of the serum!

It’s the most solidified serum I’ve ever tried. It has the texture of a deep cream without the heaviness. Feels very similar to a lotion/cream.

So if you follow up the Vital Treatment with this serum your skin is living its best life. I do follow these two up with a night cream but that’s just because I have really dry skin. The serum also has no scent and applies very smoothly~ I give both of these a 5/5 because there are no complaints!!

Last but not least! The In Between Makeup Prep Essence!

Isn’t the packaging so cute?! I took so many videos of this that I’ll be uploading to my instagram @hunnyybeauty <3

This bottle is 30 ml and is meant to be used kind of like a makeup primer. BEFORE you apply foundation/eye makeup. It is a “A lightweight essence made with fermented soybeans, rice, and tomato leaf extract to fortify the skin’s natural barrier.”

It can also be used on all skin types.

So I applied a few drops onto my skin and it does have a distinct smell at first but it dissipates after a few seconds. I only needed 3 drops for my whole face. I applied my bbcream afterwards with not much wait time in between. My face felt normal throughout the day, I didn’t notice anything different which I liked~ Would I say it improved how long the makeup stayed on my face? I can’t really tell..; I feel like it lasted as long as it usually does.

I do think it helped blur the look of my pores so I give this a solid 3/5 stars.

YAY! All four products reviewed! I know this was hella long but I really didn’t wanna split it up into two posts! Here are my final thoughts:

I loved how huge each product was, they are very generous when it comes to filling up each bottle!! 🙂 I think each product was so unique and had a variety of different ingredients and fit the theme of ‘Anti-Polluaging’. With that said here are my critiques below~

  • More directions to use on the bottle. The splash mask in particular I had no idea how to use and had to look it up online.
  • The tea tree scent was a little too intense
  • The Vital Treatment packaging could be redesigned because it’s a bit hard to read

All in all these four products were a great first experience with Blithe! I DEFINITELY wanna try their puple berry splash mask because I think it’ll smell sooooooooooooo yummy!

If you’d like to try these products visit their site at https://bit.ly/2XS2zrM

As a last reminder this is a sponsored post thanks to StyleKorean and their TryMe Program!

Until next time loves!



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