::MoneyHunnyy:: Being Obsessed with Making Money

Hi bunnies! Today’s post will be a mix of both MoneyHunnyy and Hunnyy Mental Health! Because finances and stress come hand in hand LOL

So I am in my twenties, working full time, engaged and preparing for a wedding. So money is something I think about everyday.

At work, we can listen to music/podcasts so all day long I listen to the news and financial podcasts. (Dave Ramsey is a very good source)

Topics I usually listen to:

  • Money Management
  • Financial Independece
  • Debt
  • Stock Market
  • Financial News

I’m not in debt or anything and yet I find myself constantly thinking of different ways to make more income. I’m not afraid I’m going to lose my job or starve or anything.. I just always want to keep my nest egg nice and full.

I also feel like I’m spending too much money. Compared to national averages on spending and saving I’m above average. Technically I’m doing better than fine.. so why am I always anxious?

I guess “the more the merrier” type of mindset is what I have? And my day job does not fulfill me so my blog and beauty reviews give me life and thankfully, a side hustle for more income. I guess you could say the same for someone like Elon Musk or Mark Cuban – they make more than enough money to live comfortably but they keep working because the more the merrier. Also in Elon Musk’s case, he has a goal he would like to achieve: going to mars? LOL.

I have goals too – I want to own lots of real estate. I’d love to open up a cafe one day. I’d like to foster lots of animals~ I want to be able to stay home with my children instead of being forced to work in an office every day. I’m working towards these and hopefully one day I will achieve them.

The reason I’m writing about this is because last Sunday I was hanging out with a friend and she said something that blew my mind. She was just like me! She said she also is constantly thinking of new ways to make money! She makes extra cash by selling things on eBay! Money is always on her mind, always thinking about saving more of her paycheck! And she is an engineer; she makes GOOD DOUGH. She actually doesn’t have to worry much at all! I cannot tell you how crazy amazing it was that there was someone out there with an irrational worry of finances! My other friends never talk or tell me about their money woes so I always thought I was the only one. But nope! I felt a little relieved… and happy. I’m not totally crazy! haha

Anywhoo I hope if any of you guys go through these thoughts, you are not alone. The best we can do is keep working, keep planning and learn to relax time to time with friends~



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