::REVIEW:: Missha – Immortal Youth Blue Essence!

Hi bunnies!

Here is another product with a long ass name LOL. This is the Missha – Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence.

I don’t usually purchase Missha cause they be really expensive; this is a sample size I got for free!

Let’s get into the review!


  • Full size bottle is 80 ml for $55
  • Reduces the signs of aging”
  • Brightens
  • “Ultra-fine Particles for Quicker & Deeper Absorption”
  • After cleansing, pump 2-3 times and gently apply to face. Pat face until fully absorbed”
  • One product in a seven product line for Missha’s Immortal Youth line


This is a clear essence that has a very watery texture. It has a slight fragrance but you don’t notice it after a few seconds.

Thankfully it spreads nicely and evenly onto my skin. I do feel that it lives up to the claim of absorbing deep into my skin.

After this essence I applied my eye cream, lotion and night cream. Next day felt fine and nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall this sample felt nice but not groundbreaking. Not impressed enough where I would look to buy the full sized bottle. Although Missha’s website says you start feeling the effects after using the product for two weeks. Gimme a two week sample then LOL

What do you guys think? Is Missha worth $55?

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  1. this is a greatly small product, wish they gave you much more

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