::REVIEW:: Nexcare – Blemish Clear Cover

::REVIEW:: Nexcare - Blemish Clear Cover hunnyyOut of the three acne spot patches I’ve tried -these are the worst. This is the Nexcare Blemish Clear Cover. According to the package this is the #1 selling patch at Olive Young but I sincerely doubt it.


Comes with 78 patches in two different sizes. It’s described as an acne dressing so it doesn’t claim to clear your acne or heal it in any way.

Reasons why:

  1. It’s not a clear patch.. it’s more of a dark flesh cover.
  2. It’s super thick
  3. It doesn’t stick very well to your skin
  4. The adhesive sucks too.
  5. It’s not user friendly.

What I mean by #6 is that it has this red half-circle that’s for easy peeling but it just leaves me confused. I feel like you could have done without this red peel… it just creates more trash and it’s not a sticky patch to begin with so you don’t need the peel! It lifts right off anyway!

::REVIEW:: Nexcare - Blemish Clear Cover hunnyyI found it completely unnecessary and it made me feel stupid because I was like “uhm.. am I even doing this right? Is there some other way to use this that I don’t know about?” I am still befuddled..

As for getting rid of my blemishes, I don’t feel it did much.. it is just a dressing after all..

I have pictures of my blemish before, during and after using this patch. See below!



You can see the shadow of where the blemish was (far right picture). OH. And the biggest problem with this patch – IT FALLS OFF SO EASILY. I was not joking when I said it doesn’t stick well!

BAH. Hate this product.

::REVIEW:: Nexcare - Blemish Clear Cover hunnyywp-1581821493627.jpg

Do you guys have a better acne patch to recommend?

Lemme know in the comments below!

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