::REVIEW:: Olay – Tone Perfecting Cream!

PhotoGrid_1468621025433.jpgHi bunnies! Today’s review is an American Brand! Olay – a cosmetics brand under giant P&G – but is it any good? Let’s get into the review!


  • “Fades the look of dark spots in 8 weeks”
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Sample size is 0.02 oz (6 grams)
  • Full size is 1.7 oz
  • Full size is currently on sale for $25 from $33.

They market this as having luxurious feel but I really don’t feel it. Other than the freaking $33 price tag on a less than 2 oz package!! WTF. And this sample size is legit 0.02 oz… wow.. Olay y’all cheap as shitttt.

::REVIEW:: Olay Tone Perfecting Cream! hunnyy


As you can see it is an egg-shell color with greasy texture. I don’t like it because it’s hard to apply another cream on top of this because it won’t spread evenly. And this cream itself is too light to be the last step in your skincare routine. So it’s an awkward in-between product that doesn’t fit in my shelf.

I can’t smell much from this which is nice~ but that’s about all I can say positively.

Very disappointed. Very mediocre. Obviously since this was a sample I can’t speak to its claims of fading spots after 8 weeks. And I don’t care to try it either~

PhotoGrid_1468620879629 Does anyone swear by this product?

Lemme know in the comments below!

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