Innisfree – Pore Clearing Clay Mousse Pack

Hi bunnies!

INNISFREEEEE. If you have been reading my blog at all you know I love Innisfree <3

This post is not sponsored but the product was! I received this product over a year ago to do a post on Instagram (which I did) but am just now getting to writing the review for my own purposes!

I have already tried Innisfree clay masks through my personal purchases but this was a mousse clay mask!

I usually tried the clay that comes in jars~

Honestly speaking all Innisfree clay masks have the same effects. The mousse comes out like whipped cream and is a lot better to spread than the jar clay!

But once it’s on my face, it dries at the same rate as the jar clay and washes off just as easily too!

Your face will feel fantastic after this mask for sure but definitely remember to put on a cream to keep moisture in!

This bottle does last a long time so I dont have much negatives! Even the price is cheap since its innisfree! It keeps my skin gorgeous but my pores dont “clear”.. thats impossible lol.

I wish Innisfree would just sponsor me already.. I love your products so much… *cries*

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  1. this looks like a really effective clay!

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