::Review:: NYX – Mint Cream Inner Eye Brightener

Hi bunnies!

I loveeee NYX Inner Eye Pencils!! I have this in like four colors LOL. This is the Mint Cream Inner Eye Brightener! So it’s a very light pastel green color~

Retails for $8 at Nyx’s official site!

This pencil is described as velvety to give a matte finish. And that is very true!

It does feel very soft and velvet when applying to my inner rim. It lasts all day and washes off very easily! It is NOT waterproof by the way!

Also the pencil lasts for months and months without drying out, thank the lord! 🙂

Here is the pencil swatched on my hand!

As you can see it does smudge if you mess with it, so be careful! Don’t rub your eyes after applying this! lol

I also lined my eyes with this extra thick so it would show up on camera!

All in all I love NYX’s pencils! Such a good price for a long lasting product!

Oh – word of advice, they have chubby eye pencils – they suck with precision and you need a gigantic pencil sharpener.. don’t get those 🙂

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  1. looks like a really vibrant color!! Love it sucha nice review!

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