Why the F*&k is Drunk Elephant So Expensive?!

Hi bunnies! This was a freebie from Sephora for my birthday? Or reward points? I can’t remember – either way I chose Drunk Elephant cause I wanted to see what the fuss was about.
This brand is SO pricey but it is a staple of Sephora’s brand selection at their stores.

Here I have the Jelly Cleanser which full sized price is $32 for 150 ml (orange bottle).

The green jar is the Protini Polypeptide Cream which is a whopping $68 for the 50ml jar.


I will be trying these products soon and heavily judging its efficacy because $68 is ridiculous. I’ve never seen this brand being praised for its ingredients or its popularity so am I missing something? I will be analyzing the ingredients and I hope this is just a gem in disguise!

As for first impressions.. the packaging is god-awful. Very plain, very poorly advertised. I would never guess this is worth the price.

From this first swatch I did, the cream felt like any other cream?

What do you guys think of Drunk Elephant?! Lemme know in the comments below – I can’t be the only one distraught over these prices!!

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  1. Drunk Elephant are a super hyped up brand, not sure why you wouldn’t have seen them advertised or pushed by influencers before?

    Completely agree though, those prices are ridiculous and you can find affordable priced products that are just as good or better for a fraction of their price points.

    1. yassss prices are too ridiculous for me to entertain for long LOL

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