FRIYAY! New Nail Brush! Hella Cheap Find!

Hi bunnies!

FRIYAY! New Nail Brush! Hella Cheap Find! hunnyy.comm

Today I have a new beauty tool to show you!! This is the double ended gradient sponge brush! The actual name of this is very long and unnecessary (I got it on Aliexpress) so if you want to know the exact name lemme know in the comments below.

This one brush was $1.48. I LOVE Aliexpress. This is not sponsored by the way. I just discovered this site less than a year ago and shocked at how inexpensive these things are and how accessible they are to me in America! Much cheaper than Sally Beauty items. 

So at first glance it’s very fancy looking with the cubic in the stem~ The ends are terrifically soft, I think it will be perfect for gradient color looks but on the same side of the coin, I’m not sure it will last more than a few uses? Like it’s so soft will soap or acetone get all the product off?

FRIYAY! New Nail Brush! Hella Cheap Find! hunnyy.comWe shall see!

I  hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day! I’m off to try nail looks!



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  1. oh i have one of these too, theyre nice

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