::REVIEW:: Hask – Deep Conditioner Packette!

Hi bunnies!

These are Hask’s deep conditioners in Bamboo Oil and Kalahari Oil!

I got these for less than a dollar at Bed Bath & Beyond – a steal!!

That being said, there is a reason these were in the discount bin – let’s start this review!

The red packettes are the Kalahari Melon Oil which is supposed to shield and replenish color treated hair. The packette has 1.75 oz of product and lasts for at least 3-4 washes depending on your hair length.

This green packette is for bamboo oil and it’s meant to reinforce and nurish all hair types.

First of all – what is kalahari oil!?

Apparently it is actually derived from watermelon and is supposed to promote new hair growth! Shocking, definitely a first time for me to use~

Both of these conditioners look and feel like regular conditioner. White color, spreads nicely onto hair~ Pretty basic so I didn’t bother taking any picturess.

Now – are these deep conditioners any good?? I can’t in good conscience say they are. They felt like regular hair conditioners that added nothing to my hair. It felt the same, washed out the same, didn’t make any noticable changes.

I feel like you could get wayyy better treatments to your hair using hair serums and other leave in conditioners (I love garnier’s leave in conditioner!)

I don’t feel like I wasted money though because they were so cheap to begin with so mehh. If you want to try these out, I say why not~

Do you wanna try it out? Lemme know in the comments below!

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