::HUNNYY:: New Nail Glitters!!

::HUNNYY:: New Nail Glitters!! hunnyy.com
::HUNNYY:: New Nail Glitters!! hunnyy.com

Hi bunnies!

So last I showed you guys my new nail brush! Well I used it! Because I also got these new nail glitters!  One is pink and one is a blueish gray- both for under $5. Honestly it doesn’t look as good as it did online.

So what I did was have a regular  pink nail polish base, topped it with a clear coat and before the clear coat dried i took the brush and dipped it in the pink glitter.

Definitely looks less glam than I was hoping for. But it’s okay since the price is low enough where I don’t feel wronged lol. This is one of those instances when you get what you pay for. Cheap for cheap 🙂

Ah well. I will still find a use for these glitters! Good news is glitters don’t expire so  I can keep them for years with no issues 🙂

What nail glitters do you guys swear by? Let me know in the comments below!wp-1585111793610.jpg



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