Mamonde Floral Hydro Trial Kit!

Hi bunnies!

Check out this Mamonde Trial Set I got!! My mom needed a new lotion and toner so we stopped by our local Aritaum~ She was nice enough to give me the trial set that  came with her purchase. Mamonde is a pricier road shop brand so I rarely use their products. 

I will say that Mamonde has the biggest trial size bottles of all the brands I’ve tried. Look how big!

From left to right we have the:

  1. Floral Hydro Emulsion
  2. Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream
  3. Floral Hydro Cream
  4. Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner

I swatched all four products on the back of my hand pictured on the left –

The toner and eye cream both have a much more solid consistency than I expected (bottom two in picture)

All four were incredibly smooth as I applied it and rubbed them in.

This is the before and after pictures of rubbing the products in a bit.

They do not have a strong scent and do not irritate my skin.

Honestly from this first impression, these four products can suffice for an entire skincare routine after cleaning. They all seem like really sturdy reliable skincare products.

I’m still obsessed that this size of emulsion is just a sample size. I’ve used Mamonde sample products before and I can say for sure these last a very very long time!

Anyone who begs to differ is wrong. lol.

I have the least expectation from this cream. Seems like a regular old run of the mill face cream. Althought Mamonde has great products they kind of lack having a clear message with their packaging to me.. It’s kind of plain and doesn’t describe the benefits obviously enough.

So that was it for my first impressions of the Mamonde Floral Hydro Trial Kit!

I will use up all of these and hit y’all with the reviewss~!!



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