I Bought Fake Nails And They’re TOO SMALL!

I Bought Fake  Nails And They're TOO SMALL! hunnyy.comHi bunnies!

So I bought these huge pack of fake nails because I freaking love trying different nail designs. But they’re too small.

Look! There’s 9 sizes and the three smallest are soooo tiny! I mean I do sell my designs on Etsy so I hope some of my customers have small nails cause this is perfect for them<3

Not for me lol.

So with my backdrop the nails are pretty invisible so I laid them out on a greenish



wp-1584854207337.jpgI put my index finger next to the smallest one and the biggest one just to compare~


But they feel pretty sturdy!! I really doubt they’ll last more than one polish/one look. And the tips need to be filed.. but still good!



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  1. but they still look cutey

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