So This Nail Stand Sucks-

So This Nail Stand Sucks- hunnyy.comHi bunnies!

My first nail stand!!! So I’m disappointed.. here’s why-

I bought this because I really needed something to hold the fake nail while I painted the design on it. What I was  doing thus far  was putting double sided scotch tape to the back of the nail then taping it to a notebook.

So I went online and got these magnetic ones. Only to find out they magnetize the nail stand to the base. Not the fake nail to the stand.

Look –

wp-1584854207419.jpgSo the magnet is for something I don’t need! They should just keep all five glued to the base to begin with.. I don’t see the point in this!!

This stand is nice for pictures and filming but logistically I’m back to where I was in the beginning!

Now I’m just scotch taping the nail to this stand instead of the notebook. wah wah.

Woe is me. Ah well~ lol. Is there a stand out there that does what I need??

wp-1584854207360.jpg If you know of one let me knoww pleasee!!! pretty pretty please.



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