::REVIEW:: Too Cool For School – Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack!

Hi bunnies!

WTF kind of name is Fresh Gore?! I’m glad I tried this sleeping pack without reading the name.. seriously I dont know what they were thinking..

Anywhoo this is the Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack (sample size)

  • SPECS:
  • Full size is 100 ml
  • Retails for about $15.00
  • Contains “Dragon Blood Extract”
  • Brightening
  • Anti Wrinkle


What in the hell is Dragons blood extract?? What kind of dragon are we talking??!

Like Comodo Dragon or is this some type of Eragon shit? I’m so confused.. And kind of feel like they’re lyingg..

Also – I still don’t see how this relates to the product being named Fresh Gore… Something got lost in translation here. Don’t you love Korean beauty? LOL

Back to the sleeping pack experience –

This felt like aloe vera! Very cooling and gel-like texture. No fragrance either!-

There was a suprising amount in this little package and it felt nice on my skin! No complaints, I used it as the last step in my night skincare routine and the next day I felt fine~

So it feels fine but I just can’t get behind this product. I am seriously confused.. haha

What do you guys think???

Lemme know in the comments below!


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