Why I’m Switching Back From Self-Hosted Blogs (Pt.2)

PART TWO – The ending. Here is a recap of part 1 but you can also read here:

My most current problem was the last straw – my site randomly went  down AGAIN and IT said they found suspicious files in my site!! So did I get hacked??(Apparently this happens if my plugins and shit aren’t updated but I updated every 2 days  so wtf..)  I have no clue what that means and this time they cant even fix it for me! They gave me this long run-around of ‘read this tutorial to remove the files’ but the tutorial was written for people who know how to code! I don’t know shit!! So I reached out again and asked for step by step help. They told me where to find the files so I found one and deleted it as directed. Then  they said “don’t delete all of them”… well you just said to!! Then they clarified that  I should review them  before deleting.. Well how do i know if a file looks “suspicious”?? I DON’T CODE. Everything just looks like numbers and letters!!! I’m beyond frustrated. Then they tell me they recommend me getting a web expert to do it for me. They give me a link to one of their partners who is a security company. I go to this site and it’s $200 for a yearly subscription… great…. More money… By this point it’s 11pm at night and I’m ready to give up. I don’t want to spend more money but they’re telling me if I delete the wrong file i’ll permanently ruin my website. So what choice do I have???

In my last post I wrote about my beginning experiences with selfhosting my blog and Siteground. Now is the DISASTROUS ENDING.

So where I left off on the last post is me paying $200 for a “site expert” Sucuri to fix the “suspicious files” on my site. I paid the freaking $200 up front (you have no choice in prepaying for the whole year but they do have “30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEED” written all over their site). I paid the money and put in a request for them to fix my site. My site had been down for about 5 hours by this point. It was 11pm at night. They sent me an email saying they’ll get back to me soon. Sure. 

I heard back the next morning that they’re looking into the problem but needed my login credentials to fix it. I gave it to them as soon as I got their message and I didn’t hear back for OVER 24 hours!!! Like why am I paying $200 for this long a response time? I don’t want my site to be offline for so long! I wanted my site back up and running asap so I can cancel all of this shit. I was beyond pissed. Over a day later I finally get a response from Sucuri that they fixed my “suspicious files” that I still didn’t fully understand. Whatever. As long as it’s fixed. 

I immediately checked to see that my site was back online and in working order. Then I immediately went to Siteground chat and asked to close my account and a refund for the remaining months on my plan I am canceling. They proceed to give me a HUGE run-around that I cannot have any refund whatsoever. They said when you pay for the whole year, you pay for the whole year. End of story. When you first make payment you have 30 days to ask for a full refund. After that you’re basically fucked. 

And needless to say i did not take that well. I WENT OFF. I absolutely had a “karen” moment where I was irate; I was screaming in my house. I told Siteground that this was ridiculous, I have had the worst experience with them, they did not help me and that they just made me go to their partner site experts to fix the problem. So in the end both Siteground and their partner made money off of me. I talked to my friend who also blogs and she said it really sounds like Siteground just made up the problem to profit off of it. I don’t know about that but I just wanted this nightmare over. 

Siteground continued to give me the same wording of “I’m sorry, no refunds. You can cancel your account but you’re paying for the whole year”. I was going to call my attorney cause I just didn’t see how this shit was legal. There’s gotta be something wrong with this. So I asked to speak to someone else. They said “I can, but my colleagues will tell you the same thing” I DONT WANNA SPEAK TO YOUR COLLEAGUE!!!!! Put me through to a supervisor or the head of customer service! Like I said this SEVERAL times and they didn’t want to switch me over. I told them to stop repeating themselves and let me make a formal complaint. FINALLY after like 20 minutes they gave me a link to email a formal complaint. I emailed them and tweeted at them because my rage could not be settled.

Their twitter page responded pretty quickly with that “I’m sorry about that, but sounds like your problem was serious. Blah blah” and I honestly don’t remember how that twitter conversation went. I have had so many problems with my website since moving to Siteground that I couldn’t be reasoned with anymore. I was also so shocked that the website I trusted to use would be so cold when I needed help. 

This went on for about two days until I finally got an email from where I complained and they said given the circumstances they will refund me prorated amounts. So theyll refund me the months I’m not using (november 2020- march 2021). THANK JESUS. Next to AT&T, probably the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. 

Now we can talk about the site expert Sucuri cause guess what – they also refused to give me a refund. THEIR FRONT PAGE SAID “30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had only had my account for 4 days!!! YOURE FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! I put in a request to cancel and get a full refund and they responded saying NOPE. You aint getting no refund. Their reasoning? I used their services. I used my account basically. Because I had them fix my site, that was grounds for revoking any possible refund. Can you believe this bullshit?! And then they quoted their fine print to bolster their refusal. GO FCK YOURSELVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Sucuri!!!

Again, I saw red and went irrate. I said this is absolute nonsense!!! I am going to file a claim with the business bureau or something to have them look into this because I was completely misled. First by Siteground to use Sucuri and then Sucuri misled me thinking I could get a refund! Everything just seemed so sick and shady and money-grubbing. I wanted OUT of this nightmare. I just hated how all these companies get away with “oh, we can help you! Actually nah we barely gonna help then we not gonna refund u like we mentioned we could. Tough luck sis”. UGH!!! It felt absolutely despicable.

It took about a day but I got a response back from Sucuri basically saying the shit we fixed for you was SO strenous and complicated that we must charge you $100 for it so we can only give you a half refund. So I only got $100 back from that. Whatever fine.. At least i got something back. 

So after a week I got both Siteground and Sucuri out of my life forever. I hate them so much I’m angry even writing this post and reliving my experience.

Would I recommend either of these? Obviously no. But if you’re really techy and you don’t need help fixing your site, sure. But for people like me, these sites will only give you strife.

A huge point I want to make here with Sucuri is that they’re fucked up. Seems like you can ONLY get a refund if you pay $200, DONT USE THE SITE OR YOUR ACCOUNT AT ALL and ask for a refund before 30 days pass. So basically give them $200 to hold hostage while you get no services done by them. I bet if you even did this, they’d slap you with “oh, another teeny tiny stipulation you cant get a refund” would happen. I hate the way they do business and I’m never using them again.

I don’t even care if I sound entitled throughout this post. This was my experience, this is how I handled it and this is how I felt. FUCK SELF HOSTING. 

I am now back at wordpress . com and couldn’t be happier. 

That cost about $400 and a week of absolute pain.

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