::REVIEW:: Sephora – Rose Quartz Facial Massager!

Hi bunnies! I cracked and finally bought a facial roller! This is the Sephora – Rose Quartz Facial Massager and this was about $20!

I was at Sephora and perpetually bored. You ever have those days when you HAVE to spend some money at the mall? Like your day will not feel fulfilled if you go home empty-handed? That was me this day LOL.

Right off the bat this has a good weight to it. It is a bit heavy and very cold to the touch.

I think they put rose on the staff to even out both ends and aesthically it is gorgeouss <3

I try to use this daily but it ends up being once a week lol

The large side is for bigger areas of your face like your forehead, cheeks, neck~ The small side is for all your nooks and crannies.

I guess you could use this on your arms and other body parts but I mostly stick to my face and neck.

As for effectiveness – I think it works! It immediately cools down my face and loosens up any stiff muscles.

I wouldn’t go as far as say it makes my face skinner or anything. I don’t feel it “moves my energy” or anything psychedelic either.

This roller is great for depuffing and cooling your face. It’s a good excuse to pamper yourself too 🙂

Can you get cheaper ones online? DEFINITELY. But I’m happy with my Sephora purchase~

Anyone use facial rollers?? Lemme know in the comments below!


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  1. I love my rose quartz roll, I’ve been using it for a few months and I also think it works, my jaw is so defined and it has never been XD

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