Marc Jacobs Foundation Samples


This is the Marc Jacobs – Shameless Youthful 24 H Foundation! SPF25!

I got my hands on the sample set with the primer and three shades! Looking at all the shades… they dont have an extensive range.. 80 lighter shades, 10 medium and 1 darker.. tsk tsk

So the three colors I have are the Light Y210, Medium Y320 and TanY420.

I tried the Undercover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer first and it is very light and soft! I think the coconut helps is just glide onto my skin~

Even though it’s white as soon as you swipe it across your face it completely turns clear so kudos to that Marc~

So for the foundations I went with the two lighter shades for each side of my face because with my skin tone I thought those would match me best~

On my right side I put the light shade on~ I think this really tones up my skin and hides my roscea well 🙂

Coverage is medium and does not feel heavy at all!

These samples only hold a wee bit of product but it is much better than those Kevyn Aucoin sh*t concealer sample sets I got.. LOL much shade thrown.

I think these foundations feel lovely~ no complaints to the texture, application or overall feel.

So this is the medium shade~

This is a bit of a sandier color compared to the light shade so I think this is good for me maybe in summer time.. or if I wanted to look really tan~

Thankfully once I put it on it didn’t look half as bad as I thought it would!

Here’s what it looks like!

A bit more yellow but not so bad~

So I did not try the Tan shade on my face but I did swatch it on my hand! See picture beloww!

So overall I think these are nice foundations – they feel nice and aren’t weighted too heavily.. but – and yes there is a but! They’re very expensive and if I were to pay for this foundation I’d like it to be more full coverage.

32 mL for $46 is too much money hunnyy!

If you want to get a prestige foundation I recommend CHANEL. lol. I have said my peace. Sorry Marc.

What do you guys think?! Lemme know in the comments below!

*since this was a sample set I cannot speak to its long term effects~

Until next time loves!



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