My First Time Ordering From OliveYoung!

Hi bunnies! I have ordered from Olive Young’s global site for the first time! I have a pretty good experience ordering from here! I bought my order on 11/27 and it shipped three days later on 11/30. The package arrived at my doorstep Thursday 12/3!! VERY impressive delivery!

This package arrived first out of my four big beauty purchases so let’s take a look!

First thing I noticed – Olive Young DON’T PLAY when it came to securing the products in bubble wrap. They were packed so snug and protected!! Very very high marks for that!

Items purchased:

  1. Wakemake Lip Paint in #04 Apple Paint (this is a gift for my mother in law so I will not be opening this box)
  2. Mediheal Thispatch Hydra Shot for Eye and Smile Line
  3. VT Cosmetics Super Hyalon Eye Patches
  4. VT Cosmetics Super Hyalon Sleeping Mask Sticks (I got three of these)
  5. Mediheal Sleeping Melting Nose Pack
  6. Merzy The First Gel Eyeliner
  7. Mise en Scene Perfect 3 minute Salon Mask Pack
  8. Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter in #03 Beaming Sunny LIght
  9. Genie Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Jjondeugi
  10. H Project Crispy Purple Sweet Potato Chips
  11. H Project Sweet Potato Strips

The snack bags came about the size I anticipated.

I watch a lot of korean youtubers talk about their diets and was jealous of the variety of diet foods they had so I really wanted to try these!

So far I opened one of the sweet potato strips (the brown ones) and it was gross. LOL. full disclosure I’m not into sweet potatoes.. but I bought them because I’m trying to eat healthier 🙂 I will try to eat all of these and hopefully I’ll start to like them hehe

Also I am very pumped for these VT Sleeping masks! My dry skin was calling for these! I got these for so cheap I bought three! LOL

Oh and the Merzy gel eyeliner is part of my wedding makeup purchases! I have posts on that here! Read for my journey to wedding day!

Well that is it for my Olive Young Haul! For those interested I spent a total of $88! It was originally $164 but with all of the sales I saved $75.40 and got free shipping!! WHOOOO i love black friday!!

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Until next time loves!



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