My Giant Innisfree Haul 2020!

Hi bunnies!! Here is my black friday haul from Innisfree!

I ordered everything Saturday night, I got a UPS email saying my package has been rescheduled to December 8th but it arrived Monday December 7th! so fast!!

As you can see from the picture on the left, I got SO MANY FREEBIES! I only spent $88!!

It’s incredible! Every Black Friday I order from Innisfree and never regret my purchases! Almost everything I bought was 40% off!!! WHOOO! Okay without further ado let us see the products!!

Here is everything I bought and the price:

  1. Intensive hydrating soft balm for $18.20
  2. My palette my eyeshadow (matte) – 33 – Pink Coral for $3
  3. My palette my eyeshadow (matte) – 19 – Iced Latte for $3
  4. Vivid cotton ink – 4-True Red for $7.20 (this is a gift for my mother in law. I will not be swatching/opening/reviewing this lippie)
  5. Pore clearing clay mousse mask for $14
  6. My makeup cleanser micellar oil water for $8.40
  7. Eyebrow scissors for $2.70
  8. Hydrating 3-minute mask for $16.80
  9. Pore clearing color mask – Hydrating for $7
  10. Pore clearing facial scrub foam for $8.40

These are ALL the free products I got for my purchase!

  1. FREE Pore care trio kit with volcanic clusters
  2. FREE Lucky Mystery Tote Set with full-sized products
  3. Free Welcome Kit for rewards members
  4. Pore clearing clay mask 2X with super volcanic cluster sample
  5. Brightening & pore-caring sleeping mask sample
  6. Intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed sample
  7. FREE 3-Piece Glow Essentials Set

The tote is probably my favorite freebie! It’s a really square shape which I wasnt expecting LOL

It is cute though, perfect for a lunch bag or when you’re out shopping and need a reusable bag ^^

Inside the tote was SEVEN face masks, a full orchid eye cream and a full sized face mist!


I will use all of these products and come back with reviews !! <3

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Until next time loves!



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