::THROWBACK:: Tony Moly Sweet Holiday Foam Cleanser Duo!

::HOLIDAY CLEANSER:: Tony Moly Sweet Holiday Foam Cleanser Duo! Heyhunnyy

Tony Moly Happy Sweet Holiday Cream Foam Cleanser Duo.

Okay I got this duo at Ulta like three years ago? I used it all back then, don’t worry  lol. I just got around to writing about it now.. i know, im so late. so this will be more of a throwback than an actual review 🙂

Something I really like about Tony Moly is that their cleansers are always such a big bottle with so much product in it! I need at least a year to get through these two bottles.. Which really made me hesitant to open both at the same time to try it..but it had to be done!! So they come in two colors-green and white. of course.

Sidenote- Isnt the gingerbread christmas tree so cute?! <3

Used to be sold at Ulta and Ulta.com but I think they discontinued this. There is little to no information online about this product on international and Korean portals.

Cosmetic Description

One bottle – 180ml 

“Smooth texture like whipped cream creates rich creamy bubbles to cleanse the skin Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry beads melt on the skin to remove dead skin etc Makes skin moist and smooth after cleansing”

::HOLIDAY CLEANSER:: Tony Moly Sweet Holiday Foam Cleanser Duo!My thoughts: Okay, whut? beads?? There are none. After I read the description I went back into my bathroom and checked again- There ARE beads in the cleansers but they are sooooooooooooo incredibly small I never even noticed them. Fail.

“After lathering sufficient foam on the palm, massage onto wet face. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.”

My thoughts: First and foremost, the fragrance in this cleanser is WAY TOO MUCH. Every time I open the lid I get a huge whiff of the scent and it completely throws me off. If you don’t like really fragranced skincare, this item is not for you. They both have a really really strong artificial shower smell, like a smell you’d find in a Bath & Body works product.

So i think the moral of this story is that these are great stocking stuffers but this will do nothing for  beauty lovers with effective products. This should be categorized  with those scented lip balms you give kids – they serve a basic function but are mostly bought because they’re cute.

The other takeaway from this is that I need to write these posts before they get so old they end being a throwback. Sigh.. I’m so upset at myself for letting this post fade in my drafts for so long. sowwy~

Ill do better next time <3

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