::Hunnyy’s Picks:: WORST BEAUTY PRODUCTS OF 2020!!

Hi bunnies! I hope everyone is enjoying the year end holidays! Today is the Worst beauty products of 2020 review!! I used hundreds of products this year and these were the most awful out of the bunch!

Let’s get started!

  1. Nature Republic Bye Flower Eyeshadow – in 07 Orange Sherbert

This orange eyeshadow has to be the stupidest eyeshadow formula product I’ve ever tried ~ the shadow falls apart but also looks wet at the same time? It’s extremely clumpy and the worst part is the fallout gets ALL OVER YOUR FACE, YOUR CLOTHES, YOUR HANDS. You just become a orange glitter mess!!!

And it’s hard to get off! Rubbing alcohol, micellar water, makeup remover, nothing works! You basically just have to use a combination of products and rub hard to get off.. Crazy thing is I have almost the same eyeshadow in pink and that one works just fine.. maybe I got a defective one.. sighh

2. Innisfree My Eyeshadow in 18 starlight chong chong Morning Glory (purple)

I hate this Innisfree purple eyeshadow for a similar reason, the fallout. You see that picture above? Yeah, it broke into pieces like that almost immediately after I bought it. Applying it to my eyelids is just asking for trouble. It gets all over my cheeks.. ughhhh. I know you can press it back with rubbing alcohol but that doesn’t solve the fallout when applying it though..

3. 3CE – Pink Boutique Creamful Foundation – Horrible foundation. Just horrible. I loved the applicator bottle but the formula itself is horrendous. It is thick and yellow and cakey… just shows ALL of my pores. Like it was made to make you look worse. Thankfully it’s less noticeable on camera so I use it sometimes to photos..

4. Ulta Beauty – Brow Tint – Blonde. The ugliest brown color. My hair is currently blonde, I bleached it and I went out to get blonde eyebrow products. I got Tarte, Too Face and Ulta. Ulta’s brand is by far the worst out of these three. It’s such an unpleasant shade of dark brown. Almost leaves a gray cast? It’s very unappealing matched with my blonde hair. Absolute regretting this purchase.

7. Ulta Beauty – Ultra Slim Brow Pencil – Blonde. Same as above. Exactly the same.

I didn’t include any sample product I tried this year because I feel it’s unfair to judge a sample size since it is so small~

Tomorrow I will have the BEST products of 2020!! Stay tuned!

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