::Hunnyy’s Picks:: BEST BEAUTY OF 2020!

Hi bunnies!

Following yesterday’s Worst products of 2020 here is the BEST!! Let’s go!

  1. Evian Face Mist – This is a holy grail product of mine, I’ve gone through at least 5 bottles so far but this year I hit the jackpot and found these on CLEARANCE at Marshalls! Bought them all LOL. This mist is just the most perfect refresher for my skin! If I feel itchy, dry, hot, or just need a mood booster, this mist does the trick! Perfect droplet size and no crazy fragrance 🙂

2. 3CE – Stylenanda Waterproof Mega Volume Mascara

This mascara is the most reliable mascara I’ve had in years! This is my new favorite – it is SO lengthening!! Drew also thinks I have falsies on, they’re fantastic! AND WATERPROOF! Love this mascara so much <3

3. VDL – Naked Mascara Remover

I bought this so long ago but never used it until this year and WOW do I wish I used it sooner! It’s a applicator that you wisp against your lashes similarly to when you apply mascara and wash off. It gets my most stubborn mascara off so easily! Because makeup oils and balms just can’t get the 3CE mascara off but this VDL remover does!!

4. 3CE – Stylenanda Mini Quick Mask

3CE making this best list twice!! It does have one item in the worst list so it evens out hahahah. This mini quick mask is the best invention!! It is little sheet mask rounds that you just pop onto your face wherever you need. I usually use three at once, one on my forehead and two on my crows feet/cheek area. They feel so nice and give me that extra moisture I need. These are just so much more convenient than regular sheet masks, I bought like 10 more of mini masks for black friday LOL

5. Etude House – Monster Micellar Cleansing Water

I tried a sample size of this a few years ago and I thought it was great so I bought the full size~!!! 700 ml!! This size had the best bang for my buck across all the beauty brands and I have no regrets. The has a great twist and push dispenser and gets so much of my makeup off 🙂 And it does NOT feel oily or harsh in any way. Solid solid product!

And that is all for my best picks of 2020! I know this year was unprecedented, horrific and crazy hectic but I wanted to show some of my highlights for the year and cheers to a new one!!

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