2020 – Hunnyy Reflection!

Hi bunnies! 2020 is almost over and WOW what a year! Needless to say everyone is ready for 2021 and a brand new start.

I used to find it funny how every year people were like “screw this year, i’m ready for the new year” EVERY year no matter what. But this year it’s actually valid and completely relatable! Collectively it has been the worst year yet. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Working from home is awesome and I don’t ever wanna go back
  • No matter what danger is plaguing the planet, people are idiots and the best bet is to stay home. Boredom is better than absolute sickness and death.
  • Self care and therapy do so much for my psyche and it’s a huge stress relief to just talk.
  • Always save more than enough money in case a pandemic upends your life
  • Some friends aren’t meant to stay in your life forever and I’m better off without them. No need in giving them endless chances. Your inner circle is who you become. Surround yourself with successful people and happy people.
  • Wedding planning is a monster. I’m glad I have such a long engagement to plan everything.
  • Wedding vendors will always quote you a low amount to entice you then jack up the prices when you get your proposal contract.

Here is what I regret:

  • Sleeping a little too much the first couple months of quarantine lol
  • Not exercising as much as I should have
  • Not getting involved in social justice or volunteering sooner

Hopes for next year:

  • Vaccine works and as much people as possible take it
  • Health for my family
  • My fiance to get the job of his dreams
  • Having our wonderful wedding and honeymoon

I know a lot of us have struggled mentally, financially and physically this year. Please take time to focus your mind and regroup. Speak to someone you love <3

My reflections are always ooey gooey but what else could they be? LOL It’s inevitable ~

Happy new year everyone!!!

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Until next time loves!



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