CHALLENGE: The Best & Cheapest Way to Shop in Korea!

Hi bunnies!

So 2020 was a shit year – everyone can agree on this.

On top of the horror of the pandemic and the complications it caused, for me personally it wrecked my bi-annual Korea trip! I had tickets for September that obviously had to be canceled.

This Korea trip was going to be a big trip, I wanted to do an engagement photoshoot there and buy lots of stuff for our new house we are planning to buy. So with all of that upended it got me thinking – I should really plan well with this time I’ve been given.

Since Drew and I’s wedding is end of 2021 we probably won’t get to go to Korea until 2022.. which seems like a century away but we want to be safe and we dont want to go by going into debt. So we are being smart about this.

With that said~ I will take this time to research and research the absolute best way to shop effectively in Korea. I will be documenting everything here at so anyone who is traveling to Korea will have the best time with the least amount of money!

Let’s do thissss! If there is anything in particular you guys want me to look into lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time loves!



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  1. I’m looking forward to these posts! I also had a trip planned for Korea for 2020 but having to fallback on my travel funds during the pandemic has pushed my trip all the way to 2022 as well😔.

    Congrats on your engagement and I’m sure your engagement photos will be awesome wherever you take them😊😊

  2. What do you, as a Korean, think of Japan? Kinship? Fierce rage and hate? 😂🤩

    1. Author

      Wow thats random lol. I know there’s a horrible history but I can’t judge them? If that makes sense?. I don’t like the horrible things they’ve done but I hope for a better relationship moving forward!

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