::REVIEW:: Etude House – Double Lasting Foundation Trial Kit!

::REVIEW:: Etude House - Double Lasting Foundation Trial Kit!

Hi bunnies! This is the Etude House – Double Lasting Foundation Trial Kit!!

This is Etude House’s shining star foundation, pretty much their dupe to Estee Lauder’s foundation and Clio’s Kill Cover foundation line!

I received the trial kit that included four shades! Let’s get into the review! Here are the shades:

  1. Fair
  2. Vanilla
  3. Beige
  4. Sand

Today I will be reviewing the first two shades because there was only enough product to cover half my face LOL. So today’s pictures will show the Fair shade on my right side and Vanilla shade on my left side. Here is what I noticed:

  • No strong scent or fragrance when I open the packaging
  • Both shades look really pale on me. Even my fiance said I looked like a ghost.
  • REALLY thick foundation as I start applying it. Feels like full coverage
  • It does show a bit of the dry parts of my face.. uh oh
  • The finish was glowy but kind of felt artificial? Like more the type of foundation you’d use for a photoshoot or big event
  • Foundation doesn’t feel sticky after application

As you can see from this photo the foundation was separating – oil and color so I had to mix it on my hand before applying it to my face. Not a big deal.

One huge negative I noticed is you can see every one of my pores with this foundation.. it like POINTS IT OUT. Very very obvious that I have makeup on. I like more of a natural look so mehh.. It’s just a sample size but this doesn’t bode well for the product.

One positive point is that even though it seemed HELLA thick at first it doesn’t feel too thick on my face thankfully. Feels light and airy!

I think the other two darker shades will look better than this for me! LOL. Sometimes korean foundations go wayyy lighter than my complexion!

to be continued with the remaining two shades!

Oh and for reference I am wearing an Etude House base underneath this foundation.!

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