::WEDDING PLANNING:: How the fck do I pick flowers?!

Hi bunnies!

For those who do not know I am getting married and decided to DIY my centerpieces!

I watched SO many videos on fake flowers and decided very early on that I wanted fake flowers.

I’ve heard various things about which is more expensive and I guess it just really depends who you are buying from.

After a year into my engagement (my engagement will be a total of 2.5 years LOL) I decided to go with Lings Moments. I saw them on pinterest first and lots of brides on youtube used them and raved their flowers came in good condition.

Then I waited for Black Friday hoping for a great sale…

20%.. that’s it.. so small! gosh I am buying like 1,000 flowers, you can’t give a bigger discount?

I looked at their facebook page and over the years they have never done over 20% discount so I decided I will just pull the trigger and purchase now. I didn’t want to wait until Cyber Monday because the flowers I needed might have sold out by monday.

The site was slightly confusing to navigate. The Black Friday sale page in partifular was hard to understand. At first glance it looks like all flowers are 20% off. Nope. The themed items are 20% off, greenery was 20% off and the rose boxes were 20% off.

I wanted the dusty blue roses but those were NOT on sale in any capacity. The next best thing were powder blue roses.. they were slightly lighter and brighter. I’m having a fall wedding so I wanted more of a muted blue 🙁 AHK I never thought I’d be the type of bride to stress of flower color! But this would end up being my wedding colors!

Stay tuned to my next post to find out what I did!!

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  1. I used Ling flowers for some of my bouquets too! I did a mix of Lings and some options from Michaels! ❤ It’s definitely stressful BUT totally worth it! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck! ❤ ❤

    1. Author

      i got my bouquet from Michaels!! LOL great minds think alike 🙂

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