::HUNNYY:: Winnie The Pooh Makeup! -MASTERLIST-

Hi bunnies! I wanted to compile all of my Winnie The Pooh Makeup Swatches! They’re just so beautiful I couldn’t resist!

Without further ado-!

I’ll put the original caption I had with each picture just in case anyone wants the names of the makeup product used for the swatch!
3CE Eyeshadow in Tangerine Stain 🧡 3CE be making hella pigmented shadows!!! I barely had to swatch this for the color to come out so vibrant!

Twinsies!!💚3CE Eyeshadow!🧡 this are sooo worth the price!!💚

Hunnyy Swatch x3 ❤💚🧡 these are so fun to swatch!! 3CE eyeshadows have a really strong pigment~~

🍹A combo I love – Marc Jacobs && Winnie🍹🍹sucha pretty color but when I wear it on my lips it ages me..

Swatch of my new 3ce Blushh🍊🍊 such a soft and lush color!! And I love that it’s a cushionnn~cause your girl got dryyyyyy skin so powders are a no-no!🍊🍊

🧸🧸Etude House – Dear My Blooming Lipstick in PK005! This is a an older version of their Dear line~ I don’t wear this #lippie anymore but it was fun to swatch!😂😂

What I do in my spare time🐻🐻 this is the Colourpop from #beautycon so long ago I cant even wear this #lippie anymore lol.🐻

🌌This Moonshot eyeshadow doesn’t photograph very nicely does it..🌌🌌 this first picture is altered to show contrast better. The second picture is completely unaltered. Meh.

*afterthoughts* i think this is my least favorite swatch. It doesn’t photograph well..

Saemmul green eyeshadow💚 surprisingly hella pigmented!! Ive worn this on my eyes and although its not abrasively vibrant its also not subtle enough to put on my entire lid. Definitely an accent eyeshadow to use with other colors💚💚

🔨This gold Pigment is the shittiest shit shit pigment and i hate it.🔨 Its just soo messy and I can’t control it. It could be im just horrible at controlling all this powder but I just can’t. It gets all over my face, my hands, my clothes!!!! It doesn’t look good on my eyes either its just sandy and gives off a messy look. Blech. Not glamoroussss

These pics are from a long time ago idek if loreal still sells this

👸Estee Lauder #130 Intense Nude..its not really a nude though lol😜😜 its more maroon?? Lol its a nice color but not really looks good with my skintonee🎂🎂

The BEST Winnie swatch so far!

Etude House eyeshadows be showing UP with this pigment🍋🍋 such a nice color payoff!! The only negative is that the shadow has a lot of fallout and crumbles a bit? Eh thats what you pay for since its so inexpensive 

💙B L U E W I N N I E💙 Courtesy of Innisfree Eyeshadow^^ VERY pigmented as you can see~ sucha gorgeous color! I thought I had a boomerang of this but I can’t find it!! Agh~

All of these have been posted on my instagram over the last few months, click on the links below to get the boomerang shots of everything!!

I will be periodically updating this post because I have more swatches on the way!!

Which swatch was your favorite??

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Until next time loves!



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