::REVIEW:: Purito – Snail Clearing BB Cream!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Purito – Snail Clearing BB Cream! I’ve never heard of this Kbeauty brand before but apparently they have a vegan line! I know Dear Daliah is all vegan kbeauty so I’m happy the variety is growing!

So I’m completely unsure what ‘snail clearing’ is… its claims are “Infused with allantoin, snail extract, and other active ingredients, the formula soothes and hydrates your skin to create a flawless canvas for makeup application.” Soooo… it blurs your skin with snail extract? Let’s get into the review before I get any more confused lol!

  1. Packaging? A big wtf. 38 spf not even that’s good enough.
  2. Consistency/Texture? Smooth, definitely feels like it could blur my skin.
  3. Color? Wow the darkest brown bb cream I’ve ever seen that does NOTHING. What I mean is that although it’s a really tan color, when you apply it you see no change in your skin tone.
  4. How is the application? They don’t give enough for me to really layer it on..
  5. Scent? No smell.
  6. Coverage? No coverage!!!!! ZIP ZILCH NADA. not even in a bad way! How is this possible?

7. Finish? (natural, satin, matte, dewy) Texture is normal. Not too thick. Funny thing is I can’t even tell what the finish is.. natural I guess since I don’t look any different.

8. How do my pores look? No different than with a bare face.

9. Does it dry fast? Smudge? Normal. I had to wait about 10 minutes before it didn’t rub off.

10. Is it long lasting? Stupid question in this case cause I can’t tell LOL.

11. Ingredient Rating? N/A I don’t have the list!

12. Would I repurchase? Definitely a new type of bb cream ive tried lol.

Am I crazy?! There’s no difference right?! GAH. So much visible confusion..

Overall this was an useless experience.. Also since this was a sample size I can’t speak to any long term effects or anythingg.

Gosh.. Purito you failed me with this trial..

Until the next review guys! I’ll catch you next time with a better product promise!



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