::REVIEW:: Innisfree – My Perfumed Body Water Lily Lotion!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the travel size Innisfree – My Perfumed Body Water Lily Body Lotion!

I got this in Korea and it actually took me weeks to finish it! It’s a travel size so initially I thought it’d be a day’s worth but it was a solid two weeks.

WARNING – It is titled “perfumed” lotion so it has a great deal of fragrance ! This might not be the best choice for people with sensitive body skin. This wouldn’t go on your face so I felt comfortable using this <3

So does it smell like water lilies?

I’mma say yes because I don’t know exactly what lilies smell like but it does have a very pretty floral smell!

The packaging is super thin and lightweight so it can fit into your overpacked luggage with a breeze!.

The lotion squeezes out very nicely. It was a bit on the sticky side that it took awhile to dry. If you hate sticky lotions this ain’t the one for you~ I am so used to sticky lotions that I’m okay with ittt. It’s not a deal breaker for me.

Now since it is a travel size I can’t speak to its long term effects but i do think it kept my skin moisturized for the two weeks I used it!

That is it for today’s review! I have Innisfree’s berry body lotion and will have a review on that once I am done using it! Innisfree all day every day for me <3

Until next time loves!



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