::REVIEW:: 3CE Stylenanda – Blush Cushion!!

Hi bunnies!! Finally we are here to review in full the 3CE Stylenanda – Blush Cushion in #Mandarine!!
I wrote a first impressions of this blush that you can read about here

This cushion retails for $17.00 and does not come with a refill blush unfortunately.

After using this blush.. I LOVE IT!

It is the best thing for dry skin people like me!! I don’t have to deal with powdery blushes that fallout and make my face look dry and patchy~

Here is how the blush looks on my cheeks~

It’s very buildable and a soft glow; I love that it doesn’t leave a stark pigment on me. I would definitely recommend this for beginners in makeup or those who like soft subtle looks 🙂

The blush does not dry out fast either, I’ve had this for over a year now and it is still moist inside! I know people hate that word but bear with me lol

I do have one bone to pick.. which is.. the puff.

The blush stains the puff and it wont come off!! ARGH. I really tried to wash it with different cleaners and soap..but that first initial orange plop is still there..

*open to any ideas on how to get this stain out*

Even after a year.. I just stopped using the puff and started using my bronzer brush. It’s much easier cleaning and I don’t have to look at that orange stain every week haha

Now the final discussion piece.. the price! $17 for one cushion.





Yes if you have dry skin, like subtle blush colors and wear blush weekly.

If you do not fit ALL three of these categories it is a big purchase to invest in. So please keep this in mind when purchasing!

One benefit I did love is the packaging is so lovelyyyyy I don’t regret buying this!! Will I buy another?? If i can get it on sale then yes <3 hahaha

I’m just stingy 🙂

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Until next time loves!



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