I’m An Adult – Should I Buy Luxury or Knockoffs??

Hi bunnies! Let’s get real here – I’m a grown ass woman but I still want to buy knockoffs lol. I technically can pay for the luxury prices but I don’t! For the most part I still buy really cheap clothes online and don’t splurge often.

Moving into adulthood I’ve seen more and more people around me transition to purely luxury items. And they have every right to! Buying costume jewelry for a few dollars just for it to break after one use is stupid. You get tired of it. To this point there are certain things I have transitioned to. I love Tiffany & Co jewelry for example and have given myself a great christmas present last year lol

There are certain things I’m still hesitant to spend a premium on.. like the following:

  • clothing
  • purses
  • watches
  • sunglasses
  • technology (I use hand me down keyboards, mice, etc)
  • home decor

Im torn. I love the look of luxury brands and need the quality it holds but ITS SO MUCH MONEY. Whenever I do splurge I feel this outrageous guilt! Like what if a family member gets sick and needs money? What if I lose my job?? Sigh..

Yo girl LOVES aliexpress but I can only buy things that don’t have an actual function like a machine LOL. Like a cute blanket? Totally. But a watch? No I know itll break as soon as it arrives hahah

I think I’ll stay in my middleground between buying cheap shit and buying expensive shit 🙂 I’m dying for a designer bag like Chanel but I’m trying to save up for a new house! gahh.. priorities! It all comes down to priorities! I just can’t justify buying a $5,000 Chanel bag right now. I had a friend once tell me “well if you want the Chanel bag that’s all the justification you need”. She has a point for sure but it’s very irresponsible to me! It’s not a good enough reason yet. I’m not a millionaire yet so I shall wait!!

Do you guys ever think like this? Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time loves!



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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I understand your dilemma, priorities and all. But I love me some designer stuff! Handbags, jewelry, clothes, you name it. You can get some great stuff on DHGate, if you know where to look anyway. 🙂 But I definitely see you point. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is such a great post, thank you for sharing because we all experience this dilemma at one point or another!

    Jasmine always calculates the cost per wear but sometimes when it comes to a big luxury item like a Chanel bag you have to factor in so much more!!

    I myself limit myself to one luxury bag a year, if that because I also like to buy clothes and shoes and beauty products! And I love to travel! One way to think of it is how much you can’t stop thinking about one thing and how much you’re willing to give up for it or just putting away some $ bit by bit! That way when you finally make the purchase it’ll be so much worth it in a more financially sound way! 😘

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