::REVIEW:: Absolute – Brightening Cooling Eye Pads!

Hi bunnies! Look! Adorable Orange eye pads! I’m in love with this idea~ The sad thing is I don’t remember where I got this! I have no clue, your guess is just as good as mine LOL.

The brand is Absolute New York (never heard of them) and this is the Clarifying Orange & Vitamin E version!

You can find it online for about $7. With that said, Let’s get into the review!

These are SUPER thin. There is about 10 pads in the packaging and as you can see there is essence inside so it doesn’t dry out! You can also reseal the bag and stick in your fridge for extra chilling and depuffing!

Does it smell like orange? Yes!

Does it feel cooling on my eyes? Yes!

Texture? It’s like a thin fabric feeling. I was hoping for a more hydrogel or sheetmask texture but nope. It feel alright, nothing too horrible but not a luxurious feel.

Do my eyes look less puffy after using this for 20 min? Eh, it looks more moisturized for sure and I guess I look less tired because this mask makes you lay down and close your eyes for 20 minutes 🙂

And yes you MUST lay down. The pads will fall off if you try to walk around lol.

Overall it’s good for the price but I’d like to stick with a better textured eye cooling pad~ At this price range there are MUCH better eye pads out there! Kbeauty brands are bestttttt!

I look ridiculous.. lol. the orange pads aren’t in a uniform size so each pad is a different cut and shape so you look really silly with these on.. 🙂

Also the blue flowers and heart are 3CE masks so they are unrelated to today’s review. I will be reviewing those little masks in another post!

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