::Nail Studio:: BTS Chimmy Nail Sticker DIY!

Hi bunnies! BT21 Chimmy Nails I did myself! This one in particular I’m so proud of this nail design! I love all the BT21 characters but this Chimmy had the most simple design for my amateur self to do because i have the least steadiest hand on the planet! And ZERO DRAWING SKILLS. yeah. #talentless lol

This actually was SO hard cause it was my first time doing my own nail sticker! ah! This is how it’s done –

  1. Find a picture online of Chimmy, resize it to be small enough to fit on your nail.
  2. Print out said picture
  3. Put paper inside of a letter sheet protector (those shiny sheets that protect your paper from water and wear&tear).
  4. Apply a layer of clear top coat on the picture. wait till COMPLETELY DRY.
  5. Take black/blue nail polish and trace the picture. Eyes, nose and mouth in black/blue.
  6. Again WAIT till that is completely dry before going to the next step.
  7. Apply white nail polish in a circle to make his face
  8. Wait till dry
  9. Apply yellow polish to match the size of your nail
  10. Wait till dry
  11. Gently peel off the protector sheet and apply to your nail (make sure you have base coat on first)
  12. Use a wooden nail tool to shape the edges. peel off edges.
  13. Apply top coat on top to seal the look!

So as you can see from the picture on the left I messed up.. a lot.. lol.

I was not gentle enough with my wooden tool so a lot of the edges chipped off!! Thankfully I added yellow nail polish and blended!! It wasn’t too noticeable when everything dried~

This was soooo nerve-wracking because I really wanted this DIY to work! Because BT21 be hella expensive.. Homegirl found this diy idea online and prayed it worked! It did! It’s difficult but it works!! LOL

I hope you guys liked this DIY, if you try it definitely lemme know how it worked in the comments below!

I love Jimin but I do want to try all 7 of the members.. pray for me! hahah I seriously have NO drawing talent so trying to draw this was so hard.. I mean for Chimmy, the nose did not come out how the picture looked!! The nose I drew is too round and too big! *Stress*~ hahaha

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